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Phnom Penh – Area churches and NGOs sent their leaders and staff to the Evangelical Fellowship of Cambodia offices on 26 and 27 June to receive training in writing news articles and how to take news photos.

The class was presented by retired pilot and CEO Jimmy Jacks. Recently Jacks was asked to serve as an advisor to the MK2021 newsletter Harvest News during its initial startup phase. According to Jacks, he was immediately struck by the absence of any news gathering apparatus. “How can we get news stories for our newsletter without reporters?” Jacks said. It soon became evident to Jimmy Jacks that if the newsletter was ever going to get enough stories to publish regularly, he would have to create his own reporters as well as teach the churches to recognize a news story. Stories are everywhere says Jacks, they just need to recognize them.

Jacks had taken a couple of journalism classes in college. During his career in the aviation he put what he had learned in school to use writing articles for professional publications and giving presentations at aviation forums. But what he knew about journalism was only in his head, not in a course outline. Jacks said he had no option but to write the course he planned to teach.

Jimmy got busy and finished writing the course in just over a month. Pastor Uon Seila agreed to translate for Jimmy so the course could be presented in both English and Khmer. Two days after the class was announced, the enrollment had to be closed. The class was about to become oversubscribed. Enrollment was stopped at thirty students. “At that moment I knew the Cambodian churches were ready for this information. If I spoke the words, the Lord would open their ears” Jacks told the Harvest News. About the actual classroom experience, Jim- my said “having Pastor Uon Seila was like having a Khmer me. I understand enough Khmer to know he was perfectly mirroring everything I said . . . actually, sometimes I think he said it better than I did”. Jacks said “the students got it . . . they really did. I’m so pleased.”

Jimmy Jacks has agreed to help edit their work as they are beginning to write. But according to Jimmy, the entire program is designed to carry on without him . . . in his words “grow legs and walk away”.

Jimmy Jacks was a pilot in Cambodia from 1972-April 1975. He currently lives in Toul Kork with his Khmer wife of forty years. He regularly writes news stories for Christian church groups and Christian NGOs here in Cambodia. He has done video documentaries highlighting church leader’s experiences under Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. He’s written one book and authored numerous professional papers in the field of aviation including a paper on state-bound learning as it relates to pilot training in aircraft simulators. 
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