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Ploung – Koh Kong Province - Recently I found how valuable networking can be. Since my family arrived in Cambodia 3 1⁄2 years ago, we’ve been praying for reaching out to Ploung and surrounding villages in Koh Kong province, where there was no church. Our friends Ly and Navy (a MK 2021 Coordinating committee member) have a farm nearby.

Together we’ve been sowing the seeds of the gospel (ie. Mobile Dental Clinic, Living well projects, home visits, etc). God has opened the door, and a few people showed interest to know more.

Ly has recently started a small group Bible study and asked me to help out. I knew this would take a significant time commitment. As I was wondering if this is his calling, God was working out His plan. My wife met Wolfram, a German missionary, at a conference. Their conversation led to Wolfram calling me to ask about the Ploung village. His family and other couple were new to Cambodia and had been praying for holistic church planting in a rural area. God’s plan unfolded and Wolfram and Peter and their young families plan to move close to the Ploung area to work with Ly. Their vision is to see holistic indigenous churches being planted in the area.

We all felt God’s hand in this partnership. This is ministry networking par excellence! We all support and take part in the MK 2021 movement. To me, this is in large part what MK2021 is about: sharing common vision, the needs and opportunities and collaborating the resources and strategies. I pray there will be more networking of this sort among us the kingdom workers in Cambodia.

By Gil Suh - He is a Coordinating committee member of MK 2021. He serves with Christian Reformed World Missions and is involved in coaching, training and networking of Cambodian pastors. Gil previously worked in Nigeria as a seminary teacher. 
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