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About Us
MK2021 is a cooperative effort among all Christians with a heart for Cambodia. Together we can facilitate growth to ensure that we fulfill Jesus’ mandate to make disciples. If you share this vision, you are a part of the movement. MK2021 is a way for the Body of Christ to use His many blessings, God-given talents, and resources to build the Church.

To see a group of Jesus’ disciples in every village throughout Cambodia by 2021, whose changed lives make their communities a better place for all to live.

MK2021 is a united Christian movement with shared vision and the same passion. Depending on God, we pray together, share resources and encourage one another as we work towards the fulfillment of our vision.

  1. At least once every three years, every church in Cambodia will go in faith to a village with no Christian presence to start a new group of local disciples who will meet at least weekly, have their own leadership, and grow in faith and witness.
  2. To promote the vision of MK2021 within and outside of Cambodia and to mobilize Christian churches, mission agencies, and networks to pray for and participate in the MK2021 vision.
  3. To research and create a database of the churches in Cambodia to provide the information necessary for Christian groups to respond appropriately to spiritual and social needs.
  4. To mobilize and share resources and information through networking with the Christian community in Cambodia to achieve the MK2021 vision.
Mobilization and Promotion
· Encouraging all Christian churches, mission agencies, and networks to participate in MK2021.
· Making the vision of MK2021 known both within and outside of Cambodia.

· Motivating churches to pray for every village and unreached people group still without a church.
· Providing updates for prayer.

· Doing periodic and country wide surveys to provide a data bank showing which villages have churches, which do not, and which people groups are represented

· Coordinating with existing organizations
· Providing information about training programs 
being utilized in Cambodia to train church planters and leaders.

Strategy Development
· Identifying successful church planting efforts
· Share effective strategies with others

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