First MK2021 Meeting
Provincial Church Planting Forum
First National Congress
Day of Prayer for Harvest Field
The Coordinating Committee forms MK2021’s leadership team, similar to a board of directors. They support, maintain, and direct MK2021, approve budgets, and read reports. They are also committed to be practically involved in MK2021 through prayer, fundraising, serving on a sub-committee, etc. Interested? Click here to Join the Coordinating Committee. Or read on to learn about the Coordinating Committee’s job description:
  1. Actively support the MK2021 Vision and Mission.
  2. Maintain MK2021’s direction as a “movement”.   A movement is defined in the MK2021 Mission statement.  It also means MK2021 will work with existing ministries and will not start new ministries or programs.
  3. Develop broad-based strategies and goals for MK2021 based on the Vision and the Mission.
  4. Develop job descriptions, hire, and terminate MK2021 staff.
  5. Establish subcommittees or task groups to support the MK2021 Vision and Mission.
  6. Receive regular reports from staff and subcommittees.
  7. Approve MK2021 annual budgets and financial reports of subcommittees.
  8. Approve procedures and policies that demonstrate integrity and support the MK2021 Vision and Mission.
  9. Regular attendance at Coordinating Committee meetings (should attend at least 50% of the meetings)
  10. Each Coordinating Committee member will be expected to be involved in the MK2021 movement in practical ways, for example, financial support, serving on a sub-committee, encouraging others to join the movement, assisting with the newsletter, speaking and preaching about the MK2021 Vision, joining in MK2021 prayer events, etc.
  11. Fundraising​​ to support MK2021.
  12. Arrange annual National Congress.
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