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Resources Mobilization
One of MK2021’s strategies is to network with existing organizations to share church planting resources and materials, as well as spread the word about training programs and events.

The Mobilization and Resources Committee is responsible for discovering the needs of churches for training and materials. They then collect materials, facilitate networking and trainings across denominations, and share best practices for church planting in Cambodia.

Sound like something you could do?
Join the Mobilization and Resources Subcommittee. Read on to discover more about the Mobilization and Resources Committee Job Description:
  • To identify the capacity/needs of the church/leaders/church planters?
  • To identify and collect appropriate resources materials for the use in church planting.
  • To identify trainers from organizations that have published these materials?
  • Prepare a one-page summary of each of the materials, for dissemination to all MK2021 partners.
  • To facilitate networking among church leaders and set up cross-organisational and cross-denominational trainings in CMM (Church Multiplication Movement).
  • To identify  and  disseminate best practices of church planting in Cambodia. (analysis of Case Studies from Church Planting Forums)
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