First MK2021 Meeting
Provincial Church Planting Forum
First National Congress
Day of Prayer for Harvest Field
An important part of MK2021’s strategy is to do country-wide surveys to see which villages have churches, which do not, and which people groups are represented. MK2021 shares this information so that church planters throughout Cambodia know where to focus their efforts to reach the unreached. Click here to check out our research findings.

The Research subcommittee is responsible for researching, creating, and maintaining a database with information on church locations in Cambodia. Interested?
Join the Research Subcommittee !

The Research Subcommittee job description includes:
  • Develop research methodology and process
  • Review existing questionnaire and research report.
  • Formulation and oversight of policies and procedure
  • Financial management, including adoption and oversight of the annual budget.
  • Oversight data collection process.
  • Presenting the research result under the direction of Coordinating committee.
  • Fundraising
  • Maintain and update church database every 3 years.
  • Identify the capacity / training needs of the church through collaboration with other NGOs or agency.
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